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Right now the Miami21 zoning code dictates the minimum parking requirements for each building type and use. In some case this is MORE parking that needed and in other cases it is TOO LITTLE, however EVERY project is obligated to have parking.

Rather than having the code use arbitrary parameters to dictate parking requirements we should let the market dictate how much parking is needed and simply establish parking MAXIMUMS instead.

Parking minimums are artificially increasing the number the supply of parking spaces, rather than the market forces establishing a natural equilibrium through supply and demand.

If we continue this pattern we will be over-parked, over-built with parking, and over-saturated with cars.

If a developer wants to risk building a condo with no parking let the market dictate if it will be successful or not, but let’s at least open up that opportunity

I’m not proposing to eliminate parking but rather have the market, not the zoning code, be the one determining how many parking spaces are needed. Hopefully one day, when our public transportation is fully built out the demand for parking will be negligible and we can focus on what to do with our obsolete parking structures.

Parking should be an amenity just like an elevator, gym, pools party room, spa, sauna, playground, tennis court, and dog park in any building. The same way the zoning code doesn’t dictate how many tennis courts we need it should not dictate parking. The market creates the demands for amenities depending on the building type and location.

Many zoning codes, beyond Miami21, have minimum parking requirements, which have a dramatic effect in our built environment and induces the use of cars. Meeting these parking requirements has become the single most dominating feature when designing a project.

This is particularly evident in Brickell and Downtown where every building has an 8-10 story parking podium. Everywhere you look you see parking.

If the goal of Miami21 is to promote more pedestrian friendly environments why does it establish parking minimums?