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Santiago Eliaschev has over twelve years of experience in the architectural and urban design industry and five years of expertise in real estate. He advises clients locally and abroad during all stages of development, including acquisitions and design.

By combining his expertise in zoning, architecture and real estate, he offers a wide range of services and help investors understand the value of a property beyond what is readily visible. Santiago works with investors, developers and individuals to buy/sell residential and commercial real.

As an investor Santiago is creating a portfolio of commercial and multi-family properties across Florida focused on overlooked urban renewal areas and historic districts.

He currently serves as a Member of the Transit, Connectivity and Mobility Committee at the Miami Development Authority (Miami DDA). Santiago holds a BA in Political Science from Brandeis University and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

Santiago lives in Miami, FL with his wife. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, biking, art, futbol, and cooking.


This blog is about our urban environment, with a focus on the City of Miami. It covers issues in architecture, urbanism, zoning, transit, real estate and development and will occasionally celebrate personal career accomplishments.

It will try to explain the intricacies of the Miami 21 zoning code and show how regulations affect the real estate market.  Most of the content will focus on local issues but it’s important to keep in mind that these issues can translate to any city in the world.  

The blog will also seek to narrate my experience transitioning from the architectural field into the realm of real estate investment. This particular journey has been a constant struggle and dream throughout my career but feel it’s the culmination of all my experience into one goal.  


RED GROUP is a boutique real estate and design firm leveraging it expertise in the development industry to better serve its clients. With a multilayered approach, RED GROUP analyzes each  task to fully understand the value and impact of design, urban context and investment criteria.

RED Group assists developers accomplish their projects across all stages of design and has established alliances with local and international design firms to tackle the demands of any project throughout the US and LATAM.

RED GROUP firmly believes there is a demand for services and expertise that go beyond just facilitating a transaction. Agents and clients need to be educated about zoning, architecture and finances but also need to understand what are the challenges/opportunities of the local and regional markets.

RED Group is a design firm that strives for quality but also has a clear understanding of what are the driving forces behind client decisions. All too often, architects lose track of the ball striving for beauty and developers become blinded as they attempt to maximize square footages. Consequently, this leads to missed opportunities and projects that lack substance.


All statements made in this website only reflect the opinion of myself, Santiago Eliaschev, and not of my clients or agencies/companies associated with my business. Before moving forward with any recommendation stated in this website please seek counsel from a legal, licensed, or certified practitioner. I will do my best to present accurate information but giving the evolving nature of this business please be mindful that regulations are constantly changing.